Thamel Villa – The Story

Welcome to Thamel Villa – a boutique heritage hotel in Kathmandu. The hotel offers a selection of beautiful – affordable rooms and apartments that are designed and equipped with simple Nepalese interiors and modern amenities to cater to every facet of your travel indulgence. So retreat to this oasis and enjoy the nuances of authentic Nepalese hospitality with delicious cuisines and refreshing drinks. With stores and restaurants located just a stone throw away, Thamel Villa is the perfect accommodation for your visit.

Thamel Villa Heritage Hotel
heritage hotel

Ideally situated in the heart of the touristic juncture of Nepal, that is central Thamel; this house originally belonged to Bahadur Sumshere Rana, one of the sons of the Rana Prime Minister, Juddha Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana. The house was later bought by Sanunani Shrestha Singh, Ganesh Man Singh’s mother in 1953 AD.

Ganesh Man Singh was the leader of the democratic movement of 1990 in Nepal. He is revered as the Father of Democracy. This house was where the flame of democracy in this mountain kingdom was first given life. This was where Ganesh Man Singh, the Iron-man of Nepalese politics resided.

This historic building was one of the first Victorian styled structures in Nepal. We took great care in restoring it to its original magnificence. Every aspect of this building was carefully planned out to bring out its rich and vivid history.

The Mission

We hereby, declare our mission to preserve history by means of restoring the old houses! We would be humbled to get the cooperation and support of the people to come forward in restoring their homes as is, instead of following the modern structure of the building. We have with us Architects Padma Sundar Maharjan and his wife Subina who shall be the part of our endeavour.

We want to promote Tourism as an option to generate employment locally, so the youngsters can get the opportunity and scope serving and loving their own place.

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