Top 10 Best Places To Eat in Kathmandu

No traveling experience in the world gets complete without teasing your tastebuds. After all, trying cuisines and having 100 different reactions in your body is what makes your traveling experience such a memorable one. 

Kathmandu is a goldmine with rich cultural history, spectacular landmarks, and authentic Nepali cuisine. For all adventures out there who are all set to embark on discovering Kathmandu, don’t miss out on these best places to eat in Kathmandu

These places offer not only traditional food in Kathmandu but also warm hospitality that simply melts your heart. Make your visit to Kathmandu a unique one by trying these local eateries. 

The best places to eat in Kathmandu that you can’t Miss



OR2K is one of the famous places to eat in Kathmandu. The whole vibe of OR2K is vibrant and has an appealing ambiance. 

They offer not only traditional Nepali food but also European-style food and even Middle Eastern cuisine. If you’re wondering why this weird amalgamation? Well, one of the founders of this restaurant is Israeli. So you have the best of both worlds. 

Unlike other restaurants, you have to sit on floor mats with low cushions and take off your shoes. Talk about the traditional Nepali food dining experience, right?

This place will also win over people who crave vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Kathmandu. The menu serves a wide range of vegetarian items and leaves you full. 

The popular item on their menu includes Babaganesh, Cheese Platter, Tovales Home Apple Pie, and Hummus Tahini.

  • Location: Mandala Street, Kathmandu  

Le Sherpa 

    Le Sherpa bags its place as a fine dining restaurant in Kathmandu. If you want to enjoy a calm and cozy environment amidst all the chaos of Kathmandu, you’d love this restaurant. 

    They offer high-end international cuisine inspired by French and Italian fare. They use ingredients in the recipe either by growing on-site or sourcing. They also organize a farmers’ market every Saturday morning. 

    The farmers’ market is like a chic market meant to promote organic and authentic brands from coffee, and foods to crafts. So you’ll be exploring the growing Kathmandu food scene up close. 

    You can find food items such as  European cheese, bread and pastries, organic honey, homemade chutneys and jams, artisanal meat, and delicacies from the best restaurants in Kathmandu. 

    You’d find plenty of food markets and stalls and feel as if you’re in a food fest at this place.

    • Location: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

    Yala Cafe 

    If you’re looking for a cute cafe that makes it to your Instagram feed and satisfies your taste bud, then Yala Cafe is your place. They offer not only some traditional Nepali dishes but also European dishes. 

    Yala Cafe is renowned among visitors for having a peaceful environment. So, for those of you who love to break free from the crowd and noise, watch out for this cafe. Their staff exhibits warm hospitality and has well-priced items on their menu. 

    They also serve vegan and gluten-free options. The waiters seem well-informed about food allergies. This can be helpful for people sensitive to certain food ingredients. 

    They use coffee beans and teas grown only in Nepal. So, you’ll be entertained by the exquisite taste of food grown in Nepal. Their popular offerings include Café Mocha, Latte, masala tea, pancakes, cheesecakes, and momo to name a few.

    • Location: Kwabahal, Thamel,  Kathmandu

    Carpe Deim Lounge and Bakery

    Carpe Deim Lounge and Bakery is another famous place to eat in Kathmandu. They have a gorgeous aesthetic. The restaurant consists of 3 floors for seating, with each floor having its unique details. 

    The bottom floor seems casual while the top floor has a romantic feel to it. So, if you’re traveling with your loved one, this might as well be among the best restaurant in Kathmandu for couples. 

    The popular items on their menu include the classic eggs benedict, the smoked salmon sandwich, the chicken Caesar salad, and the Margherita pizza. They also serve drinks and hookah if you’re in the mood to be relaxed. 

    • Location: Paknajol16, Thamel, Kathmandu

    Roadhouse Cafe

    Wondering where you can quench your appetite for Pizza while visiting places in Kathmandu? Roadhouse Cafe is just the place to be. A large number of tourists have vouched for the quality of pizza as seen on many review sites. 

    To be more precise, their wood-fired pizza is what made it a must-eat place in Kathmandu. As tourists, you cannot always get along with the taste of Nepal, and this restaurant understands and presents it to its visitors.

    It gets a little busy on Saturday. Do keep that in mind as you plan your eating experience here.

    They have got a good ambiance and chill music to lighten up the vibe. Some of their preferred items on the menu include Roadhouse blue pizzas, sizzling brownies, Nachos, and cheesecakes. 

    Their popularity has grown so much that they actually extended their chain restaurants in various parts of Kathmandu and Pokhara. 

    • Location: Thamel, Kathmandu

    Krishnarpan Nepali Restaurant

    Let’s be real, exploring Nepal doesn’t get complete until you’ve tried authentic Nepali cuisine. That’s where Krishnarpan Nepali Restaurant comes to your service. It happens to be a part of Dwarika Hotel, a deluxe hotel. 

    Krishnarpan serves ethnic cuisines in Kathmandu. The whole architecture and interior decor of the restaurant are Newari inspired. The traditional attires worn by the service providers and traditional earthenware only enhance the atmosphere of authentic experience.

    They also provide you with a customized menu and souvenirs like clay crafts with a description. So, you not only get a fine dining experience but also carry the memory with you.  The management takes their customer service to the next level as they ask you about individual food allergies and preferences prior to serving meals. 

    No wonder, they’ve established themselves as a top dining spot in Kathmandu. Their 6-course meal is the most loved one. They also serve local rice wine, momos, appetizers, and a variety of desserts depending on your choice. So, embrace yourself for a heavy meal.

    • Location: Battisputali, Kathmandu

    Yangling Tibetan Restaurant

    One thing to know before traveling to Kathmandu is you’ll sin if you don’t try Momo. Seriously, Nepal is incomplete without Momo. So you have to try them.

    And Yangling Tibetan Restaurant offers the best momos in Kathmandu. One bite into their juicy momo and you’d be craving for more. The red hot chutney dip further enhances your taste. 

    It is a family-run restaurant that also offers other traditional dishes. You can also try Thukpa, and Tibetan butter tea if that’s your jam. The portions are great and quite affordable in comparison to other local eateries in Kathmandu. 

    • Location: Kaldhara Marga, Kathmandu

    Rosemary Kitchen

    Rosemary Kitchen is a must-try restaurant for people looking to enjoy European and Asian cuisines in Kathmandu. You’d get a wide range of offerings from foods, wines to coffee. 

    The place is hygienic and has attentive servers and receptive kitchen crews. Thamel can be pretty overwhelming for travelers and this restaurant transports them to tranquility. 

    They have an open courtyard seating area perfect for getting together with your friends. You can dive into deep conversations while sipping wine or coffee. You can try rosemary chicken, Thai curry, Mongolian Chicken, organic salad, and Australian lamb. 

    • Location: J.P. Marga, Kathmandu

    Kaiser Cafe

    In the mood to romanticize your travel? Kaiser Cafe is the perfect getaway. Residing within the gorgeous Garden of Dreams, Kaiser Cafe without a doubt is a fine dining option in Kathmandu.

    It is a bit expensive compared to other restaurants in Kathmandu. However, the gorgeous setting and delicious food all makeup for it. 

    It serves a wide range of international cuisines like Austrian Wiener Schnitzel, wild mushroom soup with creme fraiche, and Vienna coffee. The dreamy aura of the restaurant makes it your perfect night out in Kathmandu.

    • Location: Thamel, Kathmandu

    Taza Treats 

    Your sweet memories deserve sweet delicious treats. Taza treats are there to accompany you in your memory. Taza Treats offer delectable sweets and desserts from Syria and Middle-Eastern Places.

    A Syrian-Nepali couple runs this place. It started as a way to expand Kathmandu’s food scene and introduce Syrian dishes to Nepali. They have grabbed a lot of eyeballs.  

    Before getting big, the owner of Taza would bring materials from Syria to ensure authenticity. But, since this wasn’t practical in the long run, he switched to using quality materials available in Nepal.

    Try their Kunafeh, a sweet creamy, and cheesy treat, and dive into ecstasy. You can also enjoy Baklavas, hummus, fatayers, zaatar,  and suksseh. 

    • Location– Sanepa, Lalitpur

    The food culture of Kathmandu is really intriguing with its diverse offerings. It manages to capture the beauty of both ethnic and international cuisines together, providing unique food experiences in Kathmandu. Commemorate your travel with these best places to eat in Kathmandu and discover the beauty of taste like never before.